Best Infant Seat for a Car

car infant seat
In today’s chaotic fast paced life little time is left for one’s family.  With everyone struggling to keep up with their financial needs, more and more individuals are spending longer hours at work and some have been forced to take a second job.  This has resulted in a greater neglect of the family life.  As busy as adults have become, kids are just as guilty as their parents in terms of family neglect. With television, Internet and extra curricular activities kids spend less and less time with their families.  To validate this point, studies have shown that parents spend an average of 93 minutes a day in their cars traveling from one place to another.  An average full-time job requires eight-hour shifts.  A great way to maximize time spent with family is to car pool with family.   Children are a precious gift to parents and it’s the responsibility of a parent to care for them.  A great way to spend more time would be to take them along when going somewhere.  Safety should be the number one priority when traveling with kids.  Hence it is critical for young children, specifically infants, to be seated in an infant car seat. Infant Car seats strap a baby in place and attempt to prevent any and all harm to the infant. There are a variety of infant seats are available in the market.  When choosing which one suits an infant best several factors have to be kept in mind.  Factors such as the type of vehicle you own, size of the infant, weight of the infant car seat, cost of the seat, and even cosmetic factors such as the color of your vehicle interior are all important elements to be mindful of when purchasing an infant car seat.  After all, not all seats are suitable for every car. Because infants are very delicate, it’s a wise decision to invest in an infant car seat that will protect the child from harm.  The car seat should have safety belts that lock the child into place and limit the child’s mobility, yet not compromising comfort.  The child’s waist should be firmly strapped to the infant car seat yet allowing the extremities to be mobile.  The child should also have neck support to prevent whiplash in case of an accident.  The seat should also have the option of locking itself in place in the vehicle’s seat to prevent the child from moving in case of sudden impact.   Safety should not come at the cost of comfort.  As we all know, infants sleep quite a bit throughout the day.  Whether it be at home, in a crib or a car seat, kids have the capability to sleep anywhere at anytime.  There for it’s very important the infant car seat is as comfortable as possible for the infant.  Most car seats come with a well-cushioned seat.  When shopping for the right car seat, keep in mind that an infant’s neck is very delicate.  Sudden or jerking movements of an infant’s neck could lead to grave consequences for the infant.  Therefore it is critical that the infant car seat have padding around the head and neck of the infant. The beauty of obtaining a car seat is that when a child falls asleep before a person has reached their destination they don’t have to move the child around too much to get them out of the car.  A good car seat will have easy to remove restraints that will enable a person, as the parent, to unstrap the child’s car seat and remove the car seat without disturbing the infant while asleep.  It’s very practical to purchase a manageable car seat that is also lightweight.  This will ease the burden of the parent when transporting the infant in and out of the vehicle.  A great alternative to carrying the child is to purchase a car seat that snaps right into a stroller.  This is a new trend many car seat manufacturers are starting to produce.  This will eliminate having to carry an infant and car seat, which can be very heavy, especially if carried for long distances. The cosmetics of a car seat also can be a factor when making that purchase.  If a person vehicle has a certain color for its interior, purchasing a car seat that matches would be more eye appealing than just any color.  Also in terms of cosmetics, because infants can be messy during a journey, it would be in a person best interest to get an easy to wash car seat.   Another important determinant in purchasing the car seat is ones budget.  Car seats can be very expensive to one’s budget.  The best infant car seat should not be overpriced, overloaded with show appeal.  The best car seat should be safe, lightweight and affordable.  The less a person has to pay, without compromising safety, the less they will have to work.  This will enable a person to spend more time with their family.