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Wrong Fuel Assist & Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic in London & Nationwide – rapid intervention teams for fixing misfuel & other minor problems at your home or on the motorway. The best alternative to AAA – Save on your insurance next year and get your car back running in less than one hour!*

If you put petrol instead of diesel, you should know different fuel system react differently to this kind of mistake. It is why you should not start the engine, and call one of our engineers immediately. Our specialist have more than three years experience and they dealt with any type of engine. We helped thousands of customers around London to get back safely at home after making this unfortunate but common mistake. 

Wrong Fuel Fix London

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Fastest Wrong Fuel Service in London available for you 24/7 – No Start, No Fee Guarantee*

Wrong Fuel In Car London

Did you out petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol in London? It might be an embarrassing situation, but it can be solved. Putting the wrong fuel in tank is not the end of the world, as the contaminated fuel can be easily removed. 

We are the complete fuel drain service, as we do not only drain your tank, but we also check what other things might be wrong with your car. We offer roadside assistance and the guarantee that your car will start*.


Specialised in any type of vehicle

The new hybrid cars can be a burden if you alternate fuels and you put the wrong type of petrol in tank. The fuel pump can be badly damaged, especially if you have driven the vehicle for a mile or two. Our mobile fuel drain is ready to intervene and help you no matter where you are in the London area!

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